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Usher Sounds off on Lesbians…. June 17, 2008

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Usher and his wilderbeast, i mean...wife...

“Men don’t want to commit. Women have started to become lovers of each other as a result of not having enough men.”

Well, well, well….It looks like Ursher is taking some heat for some comments he made about why women have become lesbians…

So I guess I can understand why some people might be offended by his comments. It is extremely egotistical and pretty sexist…but I do see his point.

Lets not pretend that EVERY lesbian was born that way. I will not deny the fact that there are probably a great deal of people in the gay community that were genuinely born gay and did not choose their lifestyle..but that is NOT the case for everybody.

I feel like this is especially the case for women. Women who have been abused, molested, or overall distrusting of men due to different events in their life do tend to turn to women for comfort. I say this from personal experience, as I have had a few friends that fit into the above category.

Then you have chicks who think ‘girl on girl’ is the new fad…they do it because guys like it…or possibly because they are curious. They probably love d*ck just as much as I do, but since ‘everybody else is doing it’ or some dude convinced them that it was cool, they decided to experiment with another girl. Do these people count as being gay? What about people who have threesomes…are they gay? Can we not argue that this is in fact a CHOICE to participate in a gay activity for the sake of popularity or pleasing your man?

Most of the outrage I’ve read over Usher’s comments is the indication that being gay is a choice. I personally believe that this is the case in some instances, and it DOES do people who are genuinely gay a dis-service. I’ve always felt like bisexual people and people who are gay for periods of time then suddenly turn straight again (think Samantha’s gay escapade on Sex and the City) severely damages the argument that people were born this way. What makes a bisexual person so special that they get to have both, while the rest of us have to stick with one or the other? C’mon, seriously. Can you REALLY argue that bisexual people were born bisexual? If the answer is no…then is that NOT a choice to play for both teams???

But back to the issue at hand…

I’m sure that Usher was trying to say that men can be responsible for the disillusionment of SOME women, who turn to other women for comfort. This obviously isnt the case for everyone..but get out of your feelings for a quick second and try to put the comments in context. I doubt he’s dumb enough to believe this is the case for EVERYONE. But there is some validity to his point…and some very legitimate reasons that he MIGHT, just MIGHT….really believe that sexual preference is a choice.

Not saying I agree…just keeping it real.


3 Responses to “Usher Sounds off on Lesbians….”

  1. slync81 Says:

    lol I love the whole outrage about this! its obvious he’s not refering to lesbians. If you’re gay, you’re gay, which means that sex with the opposite sex doesn’t happen. Even bisexuals can’t be described like that because they constantly go between both.

    From the quote, he’s referring to straight women who are turning to other women out of desperation (quite a specific description). He’s doesn’t even say ‘lesbians’. Boy how things can be taken out of context!

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