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IMUS: Racist or Misunderstood? June 24, 2008

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Don Imus is at it Again!!!

In the latest controvery, Don Imus is under fire for his remarks about Dallas Cowboys player, ‘Pacman’ Jones.

Check it out here

Now I must say…I’m going to give Donnie the benefit of the doubt this time. Maybe, just MAYBE he really was trying to be sarcastic to bring awareness to racial profiling. But honestly, WTF was he thinking? I get that he’s trying to pay reparations for his ‘nappy headed hoes’ comments…but he is absolutely the last person that needs to be speaking out for the black community. He had to know that anything he would say would be misinterpreted. I dont really feel sorry that his comments are coming under fire because he should have run as far away from that conversation as possible. Genius.

I will say, however, that I think people are being a little hypersensitive this time around. Granted, Imus has a track record of racially insensitive comments, but when you really look at the context of the conversation, I could totally see how he may have been trying to make a point. As a matter of fact, I’m almost certain that he meant no harm with these comments, after the fallout he experienced last fall, he’d have to be an absolute idiot to suggest on the air that black people are criminals. Give the guy a little credit…he cant be THAT dumb.

Lets use our heads here people. Not ALL white people are out to get us. Its really not that serious. And, I’d like to point out that Al Sharpton is all over this already…that alone should tell you that its a joke. Al is probably already blackmailing Imus and his radio network for donations. What a hoax! Lets not buy into it this time. Its not worth the fight.


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