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Aint Dis Sum Bull Sh*t! July 24, 2009

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Soo….I was just informed of possibly the largest occurence of bitchassness in my lifetime.

THIS GUY wackalpha, better known as @iamcutdacheck on Twitter, is the offender.

Why you ask?

Let me start by saying that a very good friend of mine is quite possibly one of the best up and coming photographers to hit the scene. He had the opportunity to shoot for Lil Kim at her party last night in Miami.

In the spirit of fun, my friend tweeted his experience at the party for his followers to enjoy, yet for some reason this sh*t starter took it upon himself to violate the Twitter-code and retweet some of those spirited comments directly onto Lil Kims twitter page.

*blank stare*

Just one look at this guy’s profile pic told me everything I needed to know about why he pulled such a bitch move! He’s clearly an aspiring photographer himself, shooting half-naked photos in the mirror and what not.

This is hating at its finest…a true testament of the ‘crab in barrels’ mentality that keeps us as black people from progressing. Instead of supporting his supposed brother (they’re members of the same fraternity) he uses a social networking site to jeopardize his career! In the words of three six mafia…KILL YOURSELF!!!!

Which brings me to my next point…WHY ON EARTH WAS THIS DUDE FOLLOWING LIL KIM?!Who even knew she was on Twitter???

Did I miss something? Because the last time I checked, Lil Kim had a reality show on BET, one of the many signs that your career has gone down the drain and nobody gives  a f*ck about you!!!!

That my friend even had to go through such drama and foolishness over a has-been artist still trying to stay relevant BLOWS me! That one of his so-called brothers put him in this predicament in the first place DISGUSTS ME! And that I even had to spend moments of my day blogging about Kim Hoi Choi’s wack ass party in Miami PISSES ME OFF!

To my boy: …get your money…fck these bitch ass niggas who want to hold you down.

@iamcutdacheck…You already know what to do (KYS)

To all the Lil Kim stans that had something to say about this situation…take @iamcutdacheck’s lead….we wont miss you.

That is all……….


12 Responses to “Aint Dis Sum Bull Sh*t!”

  1. dave Says:

    if she’s so irrelevant why are you writting about her? she’s the same irrelevant chick that was performing at nelson mandela’s birthday with cyndi lauper. no wonder your blog is called mad black woman.

  2. Joseph Says:

    I thought if you were in a fraternity, that meant brotherhood. Why didn’t @iamcutdacheck just send his frat bro a DM saying that’s not cool or you might want to delete your tweet.

  3. Me Says:

    READ. The blog was written moreso about photographer and the jackass who is trying to fck up his money by behaving like a female…not abt Kim… now… let’s try reading it again, slowly this time…

  4. Lauren Says:

    Did “Dave” really try to give Kim legitimacy by associating her with Cyndi Lauper?? LMAO! He’s as lame as she is….

  5. Betty Kaboom Says:

    Dave did you see Kimmy’s performance with Ms. Cindi… better yet did you hear it!?!?!?! I mean you brought it up!

  6. barkerdadon Says:

    wowzers…would u also be considered a “crab in the barrels” for writing such a hating blog? and if lil kim is so irrelevant why would u take ur time to give her free publicity? and why would ur friend be willing to photograph an irrelevant artist? so confused…

  7. Me Says:

    To barkerdadon.. money is money. hell our friend would photograph a d@mn plant if the plant is paying… ur point is WEAK! Try again!

  8. ambie321 Says:

    LOL @ the Kim stans…

    Firstly, Kim did not inspire this blog, the wack ass dude who spread his messiness via twitter did. I dont have a personal issue with Kim’s career, or lackthereof, I’m just quite surprised people are going so hard for her…I mean really who cares? Kim has exploited herself in the media for years, she doesnt need me, the photographer, or anybody else’s help.

    And disclaimer, the views expressed in this blog are not that of the photographer. They are my views, solely based on how I personally feel about Kim as an artist.

    That is all….

  9. betty kaboom Says:

    Kim Stans… Yall furious!?!?!

  10. Mali Says:

    Wait….. who is Lil Kim?…… *blank stare*

  11. teammakitburst Says:

    first of all…that type of blatent fuckery is unacceptable! Thats just proof of the mess that we are in as a people!
    White people dont have to destroy us because we are continuing to do a great job of it ourselves! To @iamcutdacheck its imperative that you watch your mouth because you never really “know” who youre disrespecting and by extention the close friends and family of that person may just feel inclined to fcuk you up! And i say GOOD DAY!

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