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Aint Dis Sum Bull Sh*t! July 24, 2009

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Soo….I was just informed of possibly the largest occurence of bitchassness in my lifetime.

THIS GUY wackalpha, better known as @iamcutdacheck on Twitter, is the offender.

Why you ask?

Let me start by saying that a very good friend of mine is quite possibly one of the best up and coming photographers to hit the scene. He had the opportunity to shoot for Lil Kim at her party last night in Miami.

In the spirit of fun, my friend tweeted his experience at the party for his followers to enjoy, yet for some reason this sh*t starter took it upon himself to violate the Twitter-code and retweet some of those spirited comments directly onto Lil Kims twitter page.

*blank stare*

Just one look at this guy’s profile pic told me everything I needed to know about why he pulled such a bitch move! He’s clearly an aspiring photographer himself, shooting half-naked photos in the mirror and what not.

This is hating at its finest…a true testament of the ‘crab in barrels’ mentality that keeps us as black people from progressing. Instead of supporting his supposed brother (they’re members of the same fraternity) he uses a social networking site to jeopardize his career! In the words of three six mafia…KILL YOURSELF!!!!

Which brings me to my next point…WHY ON EARTH WAS THIS DUDE FOLLOWING LIL KIM?!Who even knew she was on Twitter???

Did I miss something? Because the last time I checked, Lil Kim had a reality show on BET, one of the many signs that your career has gone down the drain and nobody givesĀ  a f*ck about you!!!!

That my friend even had to go through such drama and foolishness over a has-been artist still trying to stay relevant BLOWS me! That one of his so-called brothers put him in this predicament in the first place DISGUSTS ME! And that I even had to spend moments of my day blogging about Kim Hoi Choi’s wack ass party in Miami PISSES ME OFF!

To my boy: …get your money…fck these bitch ass niggas who want to hold you down.

@iamcutdacheck…You already know what to do (KYS)

To all the Lil Kim stans that had something to say about this situation…take @iamcutdacheck’s lead….we wont miss you.

That is all……….


IMUS: Racist or Misunderstood? June 24, 2008

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Don Imus is at it Again!!!

In the latest controvery, Don Imus is under fire for his remarks about Dallas Cowboys player, ‘Pacman’ Jones.

Check it out here

Now I must say…I’m going to give Donnie the benefit of the doubt this time. Maybe, just MAYBE he really was trying to be sarcastic to bring awareness to racial profiling. But honestly, WTF was he thinking? I get that he’s trying to pay reparations for his ‘nappy headed hoes’ comments…but he is absolutely the last person that needs to be speaking out for the black community. He had to know that anything he would say would be misinterpreted. I dont really feel sorry that his comments are coming under fire because he should have run as far away from that conversation as possible. Genius.

I will say, however, that I think people are being a little hypersensitive this time around. Granted, Imus has a track record of racially insensitive comments, but when you really look at the context of the conversation, I could totally see how he may have been trying to make a point. As a matter of fact, I’m almost certain that he meant no harm with these comments, after the fallout he experienced last fall, he’d have to be an absolute idiot to suggest on the air that black people are criminals. Give the guy a little credit…he cant be THAT dumb.

Lets use our heads here people. Not ALL white people are out to get us. Its really not that serious. And, I’d like to point out that Al Sharpton is all over this already…that alone should tell you that its a joke. Al is probably already blackmailing Imus and his radio network for donations. What a hoax! Lets not buy into it this time. Its not worth the fight.


R. Kelly, FREE ALL DAY LIKE OJ! June 17, 2008

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So…R. Kelly got off and I’m loving it!

I caught a lot of slack for being happy that R. Kelly got off. As a woman, I guess I was supposed to be outraged that he pissed on a little girl and video taped it. (Yes, I’m acknowledging that more than likely it was him in the tape). As crazy as it may sound…I wasnt the least bit put off by R. Kelly when I first saw the tape in 2002. I actually laughed. Does this make me a bad person? Probably…but here’s why I feel the way I do:

First of all…I lack sympathy for the so-called ‘victim’ in the tape. As a 23 year old woman myself, I am the same age as the ‘victim’ and therefore I tried to put myself in her shoes. At 13, I had crushes..I liked boys…but what I WASNT doing is having sex with 30 year old men. Now a lot of people seem to think R. Kelly preyed on this young innocent thang. Umm…did ya’ll see the tape? Did the girl look like an amateur to you? I’m sorry…as many celebrity crushes as I had when i was 12-14…I would never..I repeat NEVER have been caught doing what this girl was doing on this tape. I had a lot of friends, however, who were very sexually active and actually were preying on older men. They wanted to be grown so they dressed and acted the part…and guess what? In most cases…they got what they were looking for. No, I’m not blaming the victim, I’m just keeping it real. Little hot in the trot girls do this stuff everyday…and nobody goes to jail…so why should R. Kelly?

Now dont get me wrong, I’m not condoning sex with a child. But the truth of the matter is, whether the man in the tape was 13 or 30…she would’ve still been screwing! The girl in the tape was FAR from a virgin. Instead of blaming R. Kelly, why arent people outraged that a girl her age was having sex in the first place? Did R. Kelly pop her cherry too? I think not! (and if he did..we havent seen the tape). This girl was far gone..regardless of this tape, and people need to stop finding scapegoats and address the real problem. If this girl had any type of female role model, perhaps a FATHER in her household to instill some self esteem, I promise you she wouldnt have been pissing on the floor or getting pissed on by R. Kelly or any other man on a video at 13. Lets stop sending people to jail and raise daughters and young women who respect themselves, who wont put on makeup and mini skirts so they can f*ck the hottest celebrity at the next concert. Save the rape convictions for the true rapists…those who FORCE sex on an UNWILLING participant violently..those who DESERVE life in prison..not a 15 year sentence.

On a more lighthearted note…I havent had any kids yet…and nobody does babymaking music the way R. Kelly does. If he was locked up…what would I make babies to??? I know this seems trivial, but as a long time fan of R. Kelly, he is hands down a mastermind when it comes to the bump n grind.