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Al Sharpton- The Great Black Joke! June 20, 2008

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Lil Wayne has recently lashed out against Al Sharpton on his a track called “Misunderstood,” which is featured on his platinum selling album “The Carter III.”  For those of you who do not follow hip hop or are not huge Weezy fans…here is some of what he said during his 10 minute rant:

“You see, you are no MLK/ You are no Jesse Jackson/ You are nobody to me/ You’re just another Don King with a perm/ Just a little more political/ And that just means you a little more un-human/ Than us humans/ And now let me be human by saying/ F**k Al Sharpton and anyone like him.”

I must say….I couldnt be happier that someone finally said it. Am I the only one that is absolutely disgusted by Al Sharpton? He is the biggest joke of the world to me! And the perm doesnt help matters. Who could possibly take him seriously?

Its no surprise that he is being accused of using his political prowess to blackmail corporations into contributing to his foundation. I personally believe every word of the accusations, especially considering the fact that he picks and chooses which issues he wants to march about. He made all that noise about the Jena 6, but when that handicapped girl was tortured, raped, and almost killed in West Virginia he did ABSOLUTELY nothing.

So of course, because he’s SO mature…he issues this response…or non response to Lil Wayne:

“While some of the rappers don’t like the fact that Rev. Sharpton has been leading marches against the degradation of women in music, a Gallup poll released last week revealed that Rev. Sharpton has a 50% approval rate among African-Americans. So why dignify a response to one rap artist who doesn’t even say anything substantive,”

Ummmmmmmmm did I miss something? Because I dont know ANYBODY that thinks Al Sharpton is a positive representation of African Americans. And, a 50% approval rating something to brag about? That really means that MOST people dont fuck with you. AT ALL.

Its embarassing because he is the loudest representative of Civil Rights and to me, he embarasses the entire race with his stereotypical, wack ass perm and his inability to articulate. People may not like Lil Wayne, they may think he’s disrespectful and ignorant…but for once, I think Weezy hit the nail right on the head. Al Sharpton is nothing but a political version of Don King. Using the Civil Rights Movement for profit and making a joke out of the very issues his predecessors fought and died for.

So lets stand with Weezy and say it loud: F*ck Al Sharpton!  Say it with me! Better yet, get a shirt made! I hope the  FBI nails his ass….